Trinidad and Tobago and Canada teams for Veterans Football kickoff

Trinidad and Tobago and Canada teams for Veterans Football kickoff

(SNO) – Era Masters, the region’s undisputed champions of veterans football, are coming to Saint Lucia for the 2018 launch of the Veterans Football Tournament on November 3  in Vieux Fort. This will be the 8th annual edition of the tournament.

Era has been in existence since 2013. The group includes legendary former Saint Lucian internationals Earl “Ball Hog” Jean, Titus “Titi” Elva, and Elijah Joseph, alongside Trinidad and Tobago internationals.

Since its inception three years ago, Era Masters have won the Trinidad Masters every time. They also won the Barbados Masters for the first time in two years since taking part, not having lost a tournament game in about three years.

The Trini-Lucian crew will face off against Soufrière Veterans, the 2017 Caribbean Alliance Gold Cup Champions, on Saturday. The exhibition match should be keenly contested and a thrilling start to the tournament.


Also visiting Saint Lucia for the Veterans launch will be Island Masters from Canada. Island Masters TT is a combined veterans team made up of primarily Caribbean players from Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti, Grenada and Saint Lucia who reside in various parts of Canada. The members play for a number of teams who take part in an annual veterans tournament held in Mississauga. This will be the team’s first trip to Saint Lucia.

Island Masters will go up against the Flow Plate Champions VSADC on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Veterans Playoffs start October 10, with Congorians; Mon Repos Sharks, Prophets and Kings, Canaries, Choiseul, and RV Veterans.

Teams will draw for their groupings at the offices of Saint Lucia Insurances on Micoud Street at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

All teams participating in this year’s tournament are reminded to send in their registration lists. An updated list is required as there are some new players joining teams and some have been released to other teams.


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