Trinidad: Gunman robs cop of his police ID, vehicle, and cash

Trinidad: Gunman robs cop of his police ID, vehicle, and cash

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — A po­lice cor­po­ral has been robbed of his of­fi­cial po­lice iden­ti­fi­ca­tion card, Nis­san X-trail ve­hi­cle val­ued $75,000, $500 in cash, and oth­er im­por­tant doc­u­ments at Matu­ra.

Po­lice re­port­ed that around 1:10 am on Sun­day, 45-year-old Cpl Nyvile Fran­cis and Clif­ford Su­perville, 50, of To­co, were head­ing north along the To­co Main Road when they stopped. They were ap­proached by a ban­dit who point­ed his gun at the po­lice­man’s head.

Cpl Fran­cis and Su­perville were or­dered out of the ve­hi­cle and told to put their hands in the air while the ban­dit re­moved the po­lice­man’s wal­let which con­tained his po­lice ID, dri­ver’s per­mit, na­tion­al ID card, and cash. He then jumped in­to the ve­hi­cle and drove off.

A re­port was made to the Matu­ra Po­lice Sta­tion and po­lice of­fi­cers went in pur­suit of the ban­dit.

The po­lice sent out an all-points bul­letin from their wire­less set in­form­ing of­fi­cers to look out for the stolen ve­hi­cle which was head­ing to­wards San­gre Grande.

The ve­hi­cle was spot­ted in the Mal­oney area and a chase en­sued, the ve­hi­cle crashed near NI­HERST, but the oc­cu­pant/oc­cu­pants es­caped.

PC Mo­hammed of Matu­ra Po­lice Sta­tion is con­tin­u­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tion.


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