Trinidad: Photos of wounded cop released

Trinidad: Photos of wounded cop released
The gunshot wound to the officer's chest. He was not named
The gunshot wound to the officer’s chest. He was not named

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) Police have released photographs of the police officer who was shot in Carenage the night three people were killed, one a 14-year-old girl.

“No one is discussing this” the TTPS said in a statement.

This shows that someone used an illegal weapon and shot at a police officer. No one is discussing this. This means that a criminal element tried to kill a Police Officer in cold blood whilst he was performing his duty on patrol. No one is discussing this” the TTPS statement read.

The TTPS said that on the night of the shooting, officers were confronted with a hail of gun fire, “not only by the criminal elements that faced them and fired upon them, but these criminals had back up from others higher up on the street”.

On Wednesday, police commissioner Gary Griffith provided a map purporting to show 14-year-old Naomi Nelson could not have been shot by police, given where she was standing and the direction in which the police would have been firing during the alleged shoot-out between police and Carenage residents last Friday night.

The following day, Carenage residents produced a map of their own to counter Griffith’s claims.

Meanwhile, the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has begun an invesi9tgation into the killings.

But in the TTPS statement today, police said: “They (the shooters) were using semi-automatic rifles, in a virtual ambush to kill 3 Police Officers. Still no one is discussing this. The most vociferous in this matter seem to always be those who are sympathetic and supportive of these criminal elements, which is usually the case; and these are the views that are primarily highlighted as it makes for exciting news” said the police.

“But when criminals try to kill police officers in cold blood, there is a deafening silence, and in fact, it is turned around to demonize officers who are risking their lives for their country.

Now these same police officers who were shot at, with one being wounded, are now being bombarded with death threats passing around at all levels, however some are focusing and are seemingly more concerned about officers wearing camouflage or using face masks to protect their identity, knowing fully well if these masks are not worn the criminal underworld may try to kill not only these officers but their family members as well”, the police said.


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