Tulsie may not be going anywhere soon

Tulsie may not be going anywhere soon

The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) wants its director Bishnu Tulsie to postpone his retirement during what the organisation called “this very important” period.

This decision was made at an emergency membership meeting held by the Trust on Saturday, April 29 at the Pigeon Island National Landmark, according to a press release.

At the meeting, according to the Trust, a resolution received “unanimous support from all members and non-members present for Tuslie to postpone his decision to retire and to continue to manage the affairs of the Trust during this very important period”.

This decision was another “important” outcome of the meeting, the Trust said.

Tuslie has been at the centre of the controversial tussle between the government and the Trust over proposed plans to build a causeway connecting the mainland to Maria Islands, and a dolphin park at Pigeon Island.

He has been director of the SLNT since January 2005, according to his LinkedIn profile.


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  1. Where was Tulsie all these years? It would appear, playing fat cat happily rolling underneath the radar on an inflated salary with a bloated organization whose culture of unquestioned financial entitlement and privilege resulted in years of achieving any results that would pass any basic government performance test with respect to VFM (Value For Money). A public release and third party review of the exiting audits would show that.

    Perhaps someone seems to have been caught napping at the steering wheel with their hand in the taxpayer cookie jar.

    As voters, each has a voice and each has their unique value to add in where our nation goes and what nation we will leave for our children.

    Opportunities as follows:

    --- Office of the Prime Minister: (758) 468-2166

    --- PM's Secretary: (758) 453-7352

    --- Cabinet Secretary: (758) 468-2115

    --- Press Room: (758) 468-2405

    --- E-mail: [email protected]

    -- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/opmsaintlucia/

    Get Involved. Ask More. Be Heard.


  2. BIG WARNING FROM VFORT. When "The Pearl of The Caribbean" is complete no National Trust is coming to Vfort. Like Soufriere, we will have the Vieux Fort Foundation. Our money staying in VFort.We will take care of out business. Gros Islet should take that business away from the Trust. I thing the poor people of Gros Islet, through a Gros Islet foundation, would do well with that extra $1.4 million annually.


  3. You call SLP's hacks well i see all the UWP's hacks. And sad to say i see ignorance being gutted out. You hacks are uniformed. Go learn to read and analyze.


  4. The hacks are hungry for political favors. Some are so desperate, they can't see black from white. However, those with vision must not give up the fight to stay alive, otherwise you may perish in the crossfire. No horses ! No dolphins ! There are better ways to sustain our survival or to Stay Alive. Five is insufficient to Stay Alive.


  5. The Tulsnator Strikes back like an asthma attack. The membership of the NT has decided that to save face and poke Chastanet's Caucasian eyes that they should keep a director who has done nothing for the NT. Why not replace tuldsie with a young media friendly young person. The talent on the St. Lucia, which is the real patrimony has to suffer because a point needs to be made to Chastenet. The Chastanet derangement syndrome is pound to cause atleast a couple failed pancreases along with a few heart attacks and even more seizures of homes and Audis by the banks. Keep at it ye detractors.


  6. Quick Quack your comment is shallow and without substance. Tulsie has been the director since 2005 and he only became a subject of the public in 2017 as Chastanet is Prime Minister. He has held the fort of the Trust under both administrations so what problems are u really talking about. ST. LUCIA'S PROBLEM IS CHASTANENT AND HIS FLOCK NOT Mr. Tulsie.


  7. I can't believe some of these comment. All of a sudden because the gentleman disagrees with these developments the worst things are being said about him. Didnt these same ppl complaing him now, see that he was doing nothing for SLNT or for St.Lucia for that fact....Smfh....you'll have all sorts of things to say about him now. Where were all these comments a few years ago. I bet if someone had asked who Mr.Tulsie was a lot of you would not know. Is like nobody cannot oppose Chastnet and his reckless governance.... Is he GOD ???? Or are we so desperate in this land that we will accept whatever comes with no restrictions or sense of national pride. Bunch of hypocrites....what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


  8. I can't believe some of these comment. All of a sudden because the gentleman disagrees with these developments the worst things are being said about him. Didnt these same ppl complaing him now, see that he was doing nothing for SLNT or for St.Lucia for that fact....Smfh....you'll have all sorts of things to say about him now. Where were all these comments a few years ago. I bet if someone had asked who Mr.Tulsie was a lot of you would not know. Is like nobody cannot oppose Chastnet and his reckless governance.... Is he GOD ???? Or are we so desoersate in this land that we will acceot whatever comes with no restrictions or sense of national pride. unch of hypocrites....what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


  9. To much damn hate is this country. Ok to all Lucians living in Guyana to go back home as weel, let us see where that gets us. Get out the cheap political jabs we are loosing our country and we still busy talking politics.


  10. He should go and if the trust members are honest and interested in the organization they will let him go.
    Good sense is now not prevailing as the trust members will feel that to allow him to go will signal a victory for the government.

    But yes what has Tulsie really done. He must be fair to both himself and the trust. My reliable information is that he is lethargic and probably spent resulting in a limping trust. He is selective in his drive for the trust and is not capitalizing on the number of avenues open to the trust. Running the trust as his personal entity over which he must preside until ...........


      • I agree one hundred percent. All of a sudden, some nonentities want to to examine Tulsie's slate! Do these followers of the Chastanetline believe that Tulsie's is running a business? The Trust is not a business. And, by the way, the Government is not a business either. It is a social enabler. No Government should be made to operate for profit. All we have to do is to blance our budget so that we don' always end up with a deficit.


    • Please keep quiet as you are clearly not informed about the business of the Trust. This man has served our country well and by extension you.

      Mr. Tulsie is very intelligent and strategic thinker. To say that the gentleman is lethargic is a lie! one thing is for sure, he does not go around bullying and threatening people like a hoodlam!

      It saddens me that people will attempt to malign anyone who is perceived to be a threat to their political gravy train.


  11. Please retire and join the Labour guys. Give someone else in St Lucia a chance to improve SLNT. Good bye ???? Tulsie


  12. Your comments are both unfortunate and distasteful. Please stick to the matter at hand or bury yourself in that gutter where you are. You should stick to intellectual discourse on the subject matter and leave the maypwee for street side!


  13. SNO should delete this comment.... I don't understand why the man's personal life has found its way to this comment section. Some of you people have stooped to the very lowest point.


    • This was published a long time. Before asking a question please do a search on the website. There is a search box at the top of the site. Though the letter was not sent to us, we went out of our way to get it and posted it.


  14. Go or stay is irrelevant. The SLNT is effectively an organ of the SLP.
    Their recent action and previous inaction under SLP regimes proves that. It is a hotbed of Labour Party unrest.
    They HATE Allan Chastanet and in collusion with the SLP are working to remove this Administration from office.


    • I can't agree any more than what you have just said . I know for sure that the Chases are loyal supporters of the SLP . The national trust is political group of selfish regards that are bent on hindering development in this country anytime that the uwp is in government . The majority of it's members have their bread already buttered with cheese and ham in between .


  15. This latest impasse between the SLNT and the government falls squarely in the court of the idiot Chastanet. It has everything to do with bad behavior as the boss of government's business in St. Lucia. Even before he become PM he had already shown the propensity to bully or push others around in his public pronouncements. It was always do this immediately or put a stop to that immediately! This has carried on until today when he is heard calling people lair and hypocrite. This is not how the leader of a country should behave. He should be carrying himself with a certain deportment. It therefore comes as no surprise certain sections of society are expressing their discontentment with his bullying and vindictive tactics. If Chastanet felt he couldn't work with Tulsie he had other options to make that known other than asking that the trust get rid of him the way he did. Look now the trust are in no mind to comply. Chastanet must understand he is not in his boardroom where things are done as soon as the word leaves his mouth. Every man and woman in this country have an integrity to protect and will not accept being pushed around. The quicker Chastanet understand that the better he will do for his own good.


  16. Um, what has Tulsie done so much for this county with the SLNT? I say retire him n deport him back to Guyana. Secondly all retirees should retire and allow somebody else to cum up through the system and an unemployed youth to get a job. Thirdly I wish Spider and G Islet would form a Gros Islet Foundation like Soufriere and take charge of places like Pigeon pt, use the monies to improve community roads in G Islet. Build a jetty like Soufriere. Make money off all visitors to the Dolphin Park and improve lives of G Islet ppl. Most ppl had a problem when Soufriere formed it's foundation n built the jetty. Ban the Trust from running pigeon pt. we aint gaining nothing form that. A bunch of ppl with hefty salaries. Btw I ain't really support any Dolphin Park destroying anything in Pigeon Island. Just dat I hate the hypocrisy surrounding this whole venture. The agency who approves development is the DCA. At no time should the Trust hv been so unprofessional and instead of just providing comments for the DCA Board went out to the media etc. Those person hv displayed a serious level of ignorance. An approval in principle is not an approval to construct. SMH.


    • Another sour grape! Please explain your rationale for deportng Tulsie other than victimization. The Trust has come a long way since Tulsie joined. He has taken the Trust from a financial black hole to where it is today. i urge you to join the Trust so you can help save your natuon's patrimony! Join us become a member today!


    • You are the one displaying ignorance. Where as you had some valid points you completely lost the plot when you said that the not yet formed foundation should take monies made from he Dolphin park. Why would an investor spend millions and allow someone else to receive the proceeds of that project.


      • I agree. I just threw the suggestion up there. When DCA approves any project they set the guidelines under which you operate. Example the Fishermen form G Islet were invited when Sandals sent a proposal to build the bungalows on the water. DCA did NOT hv to go to them. Eventually what happened? They built and the Fishermen accepted compensation. It's the same that was expected of the TRUST. Refer back with your comments and suggestions not decide what is to built on this island nor go to the media. The ONLY agency with this authority is DCA. What am saying to many times development happens here and we gain nothing. If the TRUST want depend on government subvention to survive am saying this is foolish. Get a Foundation and turn whatever project it is into a gain for us in this beautiful country. Simple, If u don't agree with that then am sorry. What we hv as our main asset is our Land. Let us use to make our lives better. Do u still disagree with me?


        • there are projects you just can't approve and still remain beautiful and prestine. As it relates to the dolphin park one needs to take matters as pollution and destruction of coral reefs into consideration. There is also issues relating to livelihoods at stake which includes fishing and the many local dive operators who earn a living using such resources. Some things cannot be costed as it is more valuable than money. Don't forget thousands of st lucian families recreate in and around this area.

          Food for thought!


    • On what grounds should they deport the gentleman? For championing Saint Lucia's patrimony? For performing his work duties?.... you do realize the trust is legally mandated to do just what they've been doing right? ....LEGALLY MANDATED!


      • How can the TRUST be Legally Mandated to be unprofessional? SMH. Btw DDCA is LEGALLY MANDATED to approve or disapprove ANY n EVERY development and construction on this island. Is it legal to postpone ppl retiremement? I beg of you to educate us and publish the law which says the TRUST is legally mandated to go to the media and publish any proposal that has been put before the DCA? Am waiting.


        • I will be more than happy to educate you. Please follow the link that I have pasted in this comment. http://slunatrust.org/assets/content/documents/SLNT_Act.pdf


        • .....And as far as I am aware, the trust has never published any proposal brought forward to the DCA for approval. That is fiction.


  17. Postpone his retirement?? Really!!
    How can that be done when the time for retirement is fixed? Can one postpone their 21st birthday to two years after the fact? Think before you write please. Is that what you really meant?

    Why do we always want people who have served for so many years to stay on? Why can't we give someone else - a younger person a chance. Since 2005 and he must stay on.


    • Although the gentleman may be of retirement age, you should be aware that someone may choose to retire for various reasons. Whether he chooses retire or not is beyound you and I, a point you should respect.

      Like him or not, Mr. Tulsie has made valuable contribution to our country is his various roles. Whiles I understand your point last time I check aging does not diminish your ability to contribute as long as u are of sound mind.


  18. Tulsie is on contract and when his contract ends it is up to the powers that be to renew it. What happen to the younger people at the trust who are in need of a promotion. If the trust is in so much for St.Lucia why is it that they don't want Tulsie to retire and someone else take his place and at least create one more job at the trust?


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