UPDATE: U.S. tourist suffers severe injury zip-lining in Saint Lucia: report (see video)

UPDATE: U.S. tourist suffers severe injury zip-lining in Saint Lucia: report (see video)
A screen-grab from WA
A screen-grab from WFAA

A news report out of the United States (U.S.) has revealed that a male tourist sustained a severe leg injury while zip-lining in Saint Lucia.

Steve Gammons, a fire captain from Princeton, Texas, will lose his leg if he doesn’t get surgery by 11 a.m. Saturday, June 1 and Saint Lucia has “limited medical amenities,” according to a May 31 report by WFAA, an ABC-affiliated television station operating out of Dallas, Texas.

“The severity of it if he doesn’t get the surgery by 11 o’clock tomorrow [Saturday] morning, he could lose his leg. So and that’s his career, a 15-year career as a firefighter,” his daughter Jordan Felker told the television station.

An air ambulance was scheduled to get Gammons back home to Collin County in the U.S.

The report stated that Gammons and wife were on a seven-day cruise to the Caribbean, cut short by the zip-lining accident in Saint Lucia.

The report did not say how the accident occurred, however a local zip-line company has since reached out to our news team, distancing itself from the accident, stating: “We are confirming that the unfortunate incident did not take place at Rainforest Adventures in Chassin Babonneau.”



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  1. I smell a Lawsuit coming soon, you should be lawyering up right about now. Anyways i hope the man keeps his leg maybe this will put some impetus for the govt to invest more in Healthcare?


  2. Its is very common here in the US to have to be flown or transported to bigger cities to get proper healthcare. Smaller countries like St.Lucia should not be expected by tourists to have leading edge healthcare that in most cases they do not have in your own hometown. As a precaution when I travel anywhere I always buy at least $1M in health coverage so that I can be flown to the best facilities in case of an emergency. This will probably end up in a lawsuit for the facility where the accident happened but I don't see how they can sue the government. I do agree that St. Lucia does need to prioritize healthcare in lieu of some of the other initiatives like a new airport. I heard someone died about a year ago in St.Lucia because they were not able to get dialysis timely due to the backlog and prices. That should not happen anywhere developed in the day and age.


  3. Lawsuit coming soon...or go fund me page. Money money money. The cruise ships or any Tourist related incidents would see them , treated at Tapion... and no matter what the health situation Tapion has a very good orthopedic surgeon. Come n now, multiple fractures? This is much about the Tourist who has a notion that he suffered an incident and the little third world country should move mountains to get him back where he came from.


  4. Perhaps they can now open the OKEU. This government only serves the needs of foreigners.


  5. America do have the best health care if you can afford it. But you stand a better chance with some form of treatment and care . St. Lucia is no where close.


    • I hope you have a medicaid care or Obama care with all the trash you talking about ST.Lucia. Yes America has the best health care but you must have the best Insurance also. I know what I'm talking about.


  6. Sometimes reading some comments im thinking some people lost their brain.Acident happens anywhere.They blaming St.lucia don't have good health care,they leaving st.lucia and come to America giving birth and they dying because some of us think America has the best health care.


  7. You may add me to your list of moron because if St. Lucia had proper medical resources those morons like me would not post the truth here. Some one said putting the cart before the horse and this is so true with this crazy government we have here in St, Lucia. St.Lucians are not blind , they just like a shaft up their rear end all the time and never complain.


  8. Bible in a Year

    May 31

    New Testament Verse of the Day:

    But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ's triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume.
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  9. Dramatic much? A few fractures and he could lose his leg if he’s not operated on by Saturday? Ah well....blame the government who is putting more emphasis on TOURISM and nothing into HEALTHCARE! That’s what happens when we have poor vision. Hopefully this highlights the cart before horse mentality of the clowns we have in power. Over to you Unitedpac Cochon


    • Thats what i was thinking. If your going to be a crybaby over a little spilt milk stay the hell away from here.


    • Don't trust white ppl? It's your kind of thinking that keeps racist mentality. Blame your circumstances on the white ppl. Too lazy to work, blame the white ppl. Your car breaks down, blame the white ppl. Don't have enough education to get a job, blame the white ppl. Instead of passing blame, look in the mirror, this isn't the 1800's anymore, you have every opportunity to succeed, just like every white person, Indian, Japanese, Chinese. Quit blaming everyone else for you being lazy. Bet you teach your kids the white ppl are keeping them down too right? You have no one to blame but you. If you don't like your life, change it....quit blaming others cuz you can't do better.


      • You have a point but don't try to say everyone has the same level of opportunities in life that is inherently false. Class and race still play a part in your life opportunities, it has gotten better( we can use the same bathrooms now in the US) but there is inequality.


    • dont trust white people?
      and next time you visiting a doctor or dentist and they are of white complexion will you refuse help, even you are in pain? that will be the consequent action to your thinking.


    • Keep your stinking pie hole close,get a life and stop posting stupid comments you moron.


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