UPDATE: 16-year-old female charged for killing Gros Islet man

UPDATE: 16-year-old female charged for killing Gros Islet man
The accused

Police have charged a 16-year-old female in connection with the death of a man in Gros Islet.

According to law enforcement sources, 16-year-old Nadeije Mitchell of Gros Islet was charged for causing the death of 26-year-old Marjele Williams, also known as Marley and Moon Head, of Gros Islet, under section 85b of the Criminal Code of St. Lucia 2013.

She was charged by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Gros Islet Police Station on Sunday, July 14, sources said.

She is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, July 17.

Mitchell is accused of fatally stabbing Williams on Thursday, July 11, 2019, around 9 a.m.


A post-mortem examination conducted later the same day revealed that Williams died from a stab wound to the heart.

It is alleged that William and the 16-year-old female had a prior altercation before he was attacked and stabbed in the chest area. The incident occurred on Marina Street in Gros Islet.

“The suspect walked up to him and stabbed him with a knife which the suspect twisted,” a law enforcement source had told St. Lucia News Online.

“Apparently the suspect and the guy had issues before,” the source added.


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  1. This incident is just an example of broken homes, children making children, with no proper parenting - this is the result. A crime driven society is at the pinnacle location in St. Lucia. Anyone just drive by from the mall to Gros Islet town and observed who roam the street in those weird hours, sometimes you ask yourself why these kids are out this hour, where are their parents? This is life this is reality. When a lawless society emerges this is often the result you will get. Bottom line! and oh! they are certain well known business men who always have anniversary sales, pimp these young girls too.


  2. She pushed the knife in and then twisted it. She is well versed in how to inflict maximum damage.
    Poor youth!


  3. This pic of her was obviously taken before the incident...her eyes are really portraying a dark soul for a 16 yr o.....most likely she was abuse emotionally and sexually in her tender age.


  4. U kill de man cause he know u make bomb for euro counterfit . Shame shame shame .now I hope I kill the whole of st.lucia too cuz now they will all know! Rest In Peace my guy.


  5. i would like to hear the full story of why and how this happend but still you just 16 and you going to jail smh may god help your parents


  6. I hope she spends the rest of her days behind bars. Learn to control your anger or face the consequences.


  7. Beautiful young woman who did not take one second to think before plunging a knife into someone. Oh well you commit the crime you do the time,now you saying if only I had take a minute to think but guess what it's too late. Two mothers are crying once again sad very sad indeed all the best.


    • So take a long time to plan it. That's why she carried the knife.
      She also planned to twist it before she did it.


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