BREAKING NEWS: Accident on Marigot Highway

BREAKING NEWS: Accident on Marigot Highway


A number of persons have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident on the Marigot Highway this afternoon.

The accident occurred after 4:30 p.m.

Sources say at least three persons have been injured.

More details soon.


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  1. Ohh please he was under depression he came​ from a funeral so stfu if u don't know btw he wasn't fast if ur don't k ow don't say I just wish it was urll how UK he reckless smfh ......


    • Well this driver is mentally unfit to drive and is very RECKLESS by failing to realize that he was not in proper state of mind to be behind the wheel thus endangering his passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

      I don't drive when I'm sick or have any hindrance that will significantly hinder my responses. All emotional conditions take second place when behind the wheel because all that matters is the road. Once you can't do that you not fit to drive.

      Stop making excuses and stop wishing ill on others you degenerate.


  2. lucelec poles actually save lives. many lives have been saves from crashing into precipice. ..just because of the Lucelec poles. stop making excuses . drive properly. drive safely. take precaution on the road. be conscious of your speed limit. before u start...pray


  3. Everyday now its an accident. Don't people care about their life. Wat does speeding give u. Definitely not a gold medal. Urll reckless driving is killing innocent people. I think if urll eh die dey should send urll to jail for some time and take away ur license for a year or two.


  4. Personally I find that LUCELEC’s poles are too close to the road. The possibility of a soft impact is slim with all them poles by the side of the road.


    • Uhmm ' .. Seriously You Need To Shut Up Because If It Were Your Family You Wouldn't Be Commenting These Foolishness .. You'll Lucian's Need Too Grow Up .
      You Weren't There So How Could You Possibly Know They Can't Drive ??
      I Just Dont Get SOme Of You'll And Yall Ignorant Ways Chppssss ...


  5. I aint feeling bad for those jackassholes.there is only one determination here..and it's speed.just praying god that there aint no innocent persons involve....if u are a passenger on a wreckless driver and u dont advice him to slow or put u down..u are just as guilty.its time for all those idiots to perish so decent abiding citizens can live their lives peacefully.


    • Too hard on them but there are many reckless driver for true. We need more place patrolling the roads. Just madness you seeing.


    • Shut ur dam mouth how UK they cannot drive ..chups smh put ur self in their shoes so just shut ur ass


    • Ohh please he just came from a funeral he was under depression he wasn't fast so if u don't know stfu


    • Oii just shut ur ass whose the jack ass the driver or the person that beating their ass that wasn't there urll just like to point fingers n say what urll want like wdf...... you'll self


    • Watch your language! We are on social media and decent, educated people may be listening. Save your repulsiveness for elsewhere where "the world at large" cannot hear.


    • What unintelligent, reptilian tripe you spewing there? Hello, everyone who is a driver at some point has sped and/or taken a risk on the road, especially if the driver is male and under 25. So by your argument, this whole demographic needs to PERISH? Do they not have any other redeeming qualities, to allow them to escape your judgement and damnation, just so that other "decent abiding citizens can live their lives peacefully"? If your wish were to come true, you may just be surprised at who exactly might "perish", because of this so-called sin.
      Yes, there needs to be more common sense and caution on the road, but your argument is just emotive and absurd. Choops!


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