UPDATE: Five injured in vehicular accident

UPDATE: Five injured in vehicular accident

18361164_10209174290626599_929385128_nFive persons were injured when a sports utility vehicle (SUV) collided with a utility pole along the Roseau-Marigot Highway Monday afternoon, an official said.

Emergency services received the report of the accident at 4:51 p.m.

One person – Jonas Volty of La Croix Maingot who is about 30 years old – sustained serious injuries and was transported by ambulance to hospital, the official told St. Lucia News Online.

“He was experiencing pain in his spine and could not be moved without spinal integrity being compromised,” the official said, adding that Volty was in the SUV “trunk compartment” when professional help arrived.

The other four persons sustained minor injuries and were transported to hospital via private means, in stable condition, the official added.



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  1. YAEP just put up their fence with what little funding they have and a vehicle enter it already? YAEP does really take....


  2. You driving on a highway probably around 97km/h and for some reason your vehicle overturned. The person can't drive.


  3. When we have accidents does the police do a mechanical assessment of those vehicles? Many persons import vehicles (not saying so in this case) and they can have mechanical issues and can be the cause of accidents because in a third world country we are not made aware of recalls or faults by the dealers or importers. I wish everyone a speedy recovery.


  4. Is there any statement from police officials what prevent the police not using the radar guns to measuring the speed of drivers and prosecute them when speeding ?


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