UPDATE: Two dead following Castries accident

UPDATE: Two dead following Castries accident
Jn Marie Evariste (left) and Keron Pascal (left) died in the accident.
Jn Marie Evariste (left) and Keron Pascal died in the accident.

Two young men are dead following a motorcycle accident at the waterfront in Castries on Saturday, Oct. 19, police said on Monday.

Scene of the fatal accident at the waterfront in Castries.

A motorcycle with Jn Marie Evariste, 20, also known as ‘Ja Ba’, of Monchy, Gros Islet, and his passenger, Keron Pascal, 21, also known as Smallz, of Degazon, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet on board crashed into the metal barriers, shortly before 10 p.m., police told St. Lucia News Online.

Everiste was unresponsive at the scene and was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at Victoria Hospital.

Pascal succumbed to his injuries at the same hospital on Sunday, Oct. 20, police said.

Pascal (left) and Evariste

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  1. its so sad to see young people get killed on bikes these days. one thing i realize about this is those that mostly get themselves in these accidents are those who dont have a licence to ride a bike or even have a drivers license at all.

    they just want to ride fast in traffic and rev their engines for you to hear them to give them room to pass even in town they doing that in single lane traffic. last time one almost hit me whilst i open my driver door to get out. Also another annoying thing all of them always have their hazards on flashing for what your hazard is for if you are broken down on the side of the road or if you are causing a danger to traffic not for showing off to say hey am riding a bike or a scooter


      • They need to start taking those bikes away from them and ticketing them for endangerment to vehicles because that's exactly what there causing... Up in the states we never have that problem.. This seems to be an ungrowing problem


        • Pay Chew Low Life...Go Fast...At Least They Wasnt In No Robbery Or Shooting...Yuuu Beating Ur Ass Jackass...

          Long Live Jaba && Smallz


        • and they need to close down churches because people get shot in churches many times already. they need to close down schools because children are being bullied so much and a teacher sexually abused some boys. and they need to close down post offices because i have not recieved two of my mail since june and one i sent never got there. just saying


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