SLP condemns “sudden suspension” of Parliament, debate of Appropriations Bill

SLP condemns “sudden suspension” of Parliament, debate of Appropriations Bill
House of Assembly
House of Assembly

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party is disappointed and strongly condemns the sudden suspension of the meeting of the House of Assembly to June 20th, 2017.

The SLP says that it was fully prepared to re commence debate on the Appropriation Bill on Friday 12th May and was surprised at the unilateral decision of the Prime Minister.

Once again the Prime Minister is demonstrating that he is prepared to abandon long held traditions of the Parliament by:

• His failure to nominate one of his members to be Deputy Speaker,

• His refusal to debate a legitimate motion to discuss the controversial CIP programme,

• His attempt to block and cover up the contents of the DSH Agreement even after the Prime Minister himself had publicly disclosed that the contents were authentic,

• and now his unprecedented move to suspend for six weeks, the debate on the Appropriations Bill.


SLP leader Hon Philip J Pierre said that the Opposition was fully prepared to continue debate on Friday 12th May and to inform Saint Lucians on the $220 Million deficit budget that will inevitably lead the country to the IMF, “so willing was the SLP to discuss the Appropriations Bill that it agreed to commence debate the day after delivery of the budget without the usual one day for preparation” says Hon Pierre.

The SLP is concerned that the move by the PM is another attempt to cover up and stifle discussion on the DSH Agreement and its dangerous implications for the people of Saint Lucia.

The SLP calls upon all Saint Lucians to join the National Protest scheduled for 17th May 2017 at 3pm to show their disappointment and disgust with the actions of the UWP government.


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  1. More and more i see that we St Lucians are not analytical. That is so sad...We are on the border of being classified as ignorant people. God help St Lucia...God bless St Lucia. We said we wanted change...but that was a big lie...


  2. So you didn't have a debate on your own budget last year but here you are trying top force another to have it. You "condemn their actions," so on the other had shouldn't you be a convict by now??

    The things we let SLP get away with will cost us our democracy. Tanto, Tanto.


  3. Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's...
    Give unto Hon. Allen Chastenet... the things that are his....RESPECT...A CHANCE TO PUT ST.LUCIA BACK TO THE TOP....
    it's only eleven months since UWP took over the reigns in an overwhelming defeat.... the point is they are the ones in power....trying something for fair Helen....but y'all just opposing for opposing sake....let's be patient and see whats being implemented.... Yes and if they mess up like the last government....the people will talk by the ballot....but we putting st.Lucia in a very bad position...its very ugly looking on from the outside.... Feels nauseous
    Grow up and accept defeat....stop acting like persons who vex with me and with everything patterning to me....that's how y'all treat the government and every politian in government... Most alarming that's how it feels for our country...if y'all love country show it please... Stop trying to save y'all BIG shows all over your faces


  4. It may seem like a game but I wouldn't be surprised if the Government needed more time to prepare for the debate. Papy Show !


    • What debate? And even that was the case what is preventing the opposition from debating what has been presented??


  5. Dale Jacobs that more suits Philip J Pierre give jack his jacket because I don't think jack would be happy in someone else wearing his jacket.


  6. More game playing by the SLP. They made a mockery of the House by not standing to speak in the debate because they told the UW P one thing then did another. More Kenny and Tony. They lied about when they agreed to speak to try and get an advantage in the speaking order.

    Chastanet called their bluff and adjourned the House.
    That is how you treat liars and buffers who only want power.


    • U r a fool..blinded by the colour yellow.. Leave colours a side for a moment, can u not see that the government is operating in a very draconian / dictatorial manner??? The PM behaves like a dictator.. He will bring us to our knees, to Zimbabwe level...


  7. And some of your members were absent at the time. Get a life. You guys are not serious. A protest against what again?
    Pierre honestly stop being petty and show that you have a degree in econ. give me a press release I can say I read sensible information. Stop the diatribe. I am really trying to join you guys but awa with the stupid petty releases man. It is common to suspend the debate. The length of time is not necessary, but maybe you should have queried why so long while you were in the house. But you come here with RO-RO.


  8. They keap walking out of the hous like its a party going on no tepect for us and when its was their tome to talk its like a big joke so wat is so wrong anout my PM taking a stand to stop that shit .go get ready anf learn some manners .all are jokes


  9. Really Pierre ,rewind u to the budget of 2016 was there a debate on the estimates ? I think this guy is suffering from a paranoid delusion.All of u had the opportunity to make a contribution but refuses now all of a sudden you were prepared to debate on friday. The problem is u all fail to understand you're in opposition and not in government if there was a smooth running in the house of parliament I don't see this debate going until Friday but u all contributed to the late start .SLP in government is a disaster in opposition is a disaster just can't do any meaningful contribution to this country smh.


    • Eh-ehm!! Was there a 2016 budget? I do not think do! Labour vacated the House & Government without leaving the country a budget. Remember!! They left people & country in tatters with no money, no budget, no estimates, no allocation, no appropriation, no debate, no explanation.


  10. Take a back seat PIP and the SLP. You all refuse to comply with anything. Refuse to appoint a Deputy Speaker. Now you all acting like you all care. You all don't care about St. Lucians.


  11. The PM on shate , cabinet on shate, the opposition on shate and they have the House like a big shate. The PM spoilt just like Kenny and does what so ever he pleases. On what authority is the public service spending money from since April?

    I think in the House too much is being exposed for Allan's liking and everyone seems to have their own agenda and not that of the public. The surprised look on many politicians faces when the opposition exposes some things are alarming and I would interpret that they too are in the dark on the motives of the PM or each other.

    PIP you eh ready yet and Ernest Hilare and Bradley Felix presentation appeared to be strong.

    Please make a copy of the estimates available since its already laid in the House. Let the people debate the Estimates and Policy via the talk shows and media.


  12. How quick we forget. SLP had no debate last year. UWP inherited a "gab-a-sac" Now the debate has been postponed you'll have a problem? SMH


  13. The problem St Lucia is facing is not with the U W P or S L P it is with kenny and chastanet. they are both un true to the St. Lucian people. Kenny did not listen to the people and Chastanet is doing the same. They are both doomed PRIME MINISTERS. We need new blood in government. GUY JOSEPH IS AN IDIOT.


  14. AA. so you'll wanted the country to witness you'll cat and mouse or labour rats game. You'll had no debate last year so why you'll quarelling now.

    Chas take you'll by surprise. Hahahaha. You'll have no where to be the man has a country to run. Lol


  15. Hon. P.J. Pierre seems to be using that as a cheap tactic to increase the number of attendees at his lonely "Protest" March. I hope it's a rainy day, save us the trouble of wasting any time. Well, at least the new Government has a budget and an Appropriation Bill to debate. When Hon Opp. Leader's Govt left office last year they left the country scratching with no budget and no money allocated to anything. We are lucky that investors even thought of investing here after that financial nightmare last year.


  16. SLP you'll getting on like children... Why can't you'll debate in the house instead of running to the's like you'll cyah wait for the sessions to finish to come debate to the media... Choops.... It's not always about SLP.... The same people who voted you'll out now you'll asking them for help when you'll were doing the same thing.....smh


  17. Lies lies lies...the opposition refused to debate on Thursday afternoon but all of a sudden were prepared to do so Friday. Passing in ppl eyes and calling it rain.


  18. Exhibitionist chastanet will seize any opportunity to exposed his big balls bout!


    • That kind of talk might be tantamount to "Bollocks,!!" in ordinary English slang. The man is the Prime Minister of this country, YOUR Prime Minister - like it or not!! Show a bit of dignity when relating to serious political issues as this one. Please avoid pitching beneath the belt.


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