Video of displeased Soufriere pageant contestant goes viral (see video)

Video of displeased Soufriere pageant contestant goes viral (see video)

(SNO) — A video of a contestant in a pageant in Saint Lucia throwing away her certificate and storming off the stage crying after the winner was announced, has gone viral.

That incident occurred at the La Wen Jennes Pageant held on Sunday evening (Oct. 14) in Soufriere.

In the video, someone shouts a big “Aa” as soon as the contestant, who appears visibly upset, threw her prizes down. As she exits the stage, the crowd repeatedly shouts “hesalop, hesalop!”

The responses to the incident are mixed. Some persons who commented on the video believe that the contestant was cheated and had the right to protest in the manner she did.

“That’s sad I feel your pain, but don’t give up,” one person wrote.

“If you feel cheated on something. She damn right to walk out,” another said.

“Feel for you love. Be strong.”

However, one person in particular appeared quite upset: “To f*** be honest I was never in favour of that f*** show. Take away the youths focus and don’t tell me it won’t ok.”

Some persons were not at all pleased with the contestant’s behaviour.

“Lol… just so with the girl”; “Was it that serious?”, “Seriously… it’s just a competition SMH” were some of the comments.

Another stated: “Lord I die. Aa my girl, you know you don’t like to lose you go up for show again. Take care is me.”

“Oh my God they did not prepare the child,” another said.

Efforts by St. Lucia News Online to obtain contact information for the pageant organisers have been unsuccessful.


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  1. a lot of these shows are rigged anyway. big time. sometimes you scratching your head after when you see who they pick because it not making sense at all when you at the show yourself and see other contestants that did much better. favouritism and sabotage comes with the territory, love. try again next year. pretty soon with enough trying, you'll become the favourite to win. the best don't always win.


  2. I do not blame her, just as all the calypsonians who sand about Chasnay this year did not place with their songs and effort towards the calypso competition. It rolls from the top.

    We can't blame the yutes!


  3. Youth lacking discipline. In life not everything goes as we intend it to. We are going to be treated least we will believe that in some instances. It doesn't mean that we truly are being treated unfairly. But we must never loose discipline. Dust off and work harder is the attitude we should adapt. Being a pageant queen one has to deliver lectures and give advice. What would be your advice to an individual who belives that they are being unfairly treated? This is what I would ask the young lady.


  4. who does she think she is? Seriously this girl from the looks of her should not even be in a beauty pageant! jean sou-foo-year! kotay eeh sorti kwen lance?? ghetto behaviour!


  5. Understand you feel cheated, but that's wasn't the way to go about it . Storming out like a five year old didn't look good. Everyone of you contestants went in to win and believe you would top winner; but not everyone can be first there were five of you and each would be place in that one would be 1st and one last. . If you felt cheated you should discuss it afterwards. There was no guarantee. There's a chance even if you did the best for one reason or another (cheat or not), the judge pick an other. My child, stay out of competition because you can't stand loosing


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