“We will demonstrate until they stop” – Pierre tells public meeting in Laborie

“We will demonstrate until they stop” – Pierre tells public meeting in Laborie

The St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will not allow Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and the master developer of the Desert Star Holdings (DSH) Pearl of the Caribbean, Teo Ah Khing, to have things their way as it relates to the development of the south.

Referring to the DSH project in Vieux Fort, the party says if it has to organise many more protest marches to force government to renegotiate its agreement with the master developer, it will do so.

They made this abundantly clear at their national political meeting in Laborie on Saturday which attracted a moderate crowd.

Noticeably absent was parliamentary representative of Vieux-Fort South, Dr. Kenny Anthony, and conspicuously present were Dr. Vaughn Lewis and his wife, Shirley Lewis.

“If they don’t renegotiate that deal we will have a bigger demonstration in the near future. It will be the largest demonstration in the history of t. Lucia…. We will demonstrate until they stop. We are not doing it for ourselves but for our children. We will do it to protect the patrimony of the people of this country,” Phillip J Pierre said.

According to him, giving one man 900 acres of land for 99 years at a price of $1.00 per sq. ft. is insulting to St. Lucians.

“We can’t depend on Chinese to develop our country for us… Development should come from the people,” he said.

Pierre said Sandy beach is not for skyscrapers, adding that the area should be reserved for locals to invest.

“We need investment… but the interest of the people must come first,” he said.

Pierre said St. Lucia should not be putting all its eggs in the basket of a foreign investor.

In a remark which was apparently directed at Minister of Economic Development, Guy Joseph, he said in any serious government a minister who says he fooled a foreign government to get money for contracts would have to apologise or asked to leave Cabinet by the prime minister.

Pierre told the gathering that the government will not last for another four years.

“Be patient, be patient…” he said.

Parliamentary representative of Laborie Alva Baptiste said a number of projects which were earmarked for Laborie under the former administration were shelved.

He outlined some of the work he did for his constituency during his tenure as a minister of government.

As it relates to the DSH project, he said no work will take place on Sandy beach, adding that you don’t need an army to stop it.

The other speakers at the meeting all gave the government a failing grade for its performance since it assumed office on June 6, 2016.


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  1. Why these SLP blowhards are just losers? Well, they have heads full of degrees, and pockets full of salaries that bore no results.

    Sorry. Sorry. I am sorry. That is not true. They created bleeding ghettos at Marchand, Grass Street, CDC, Egard, Bois Patat, Grave Yard, and Bruce Ville.

    Hooray! What glorious lasting achievements!

    With all those degrees, they never ever considered creating a more productive youth. See what can be achieved if they had used their intelligence usefully instead of boastfully, and not just to confuse their uneducated STEP followers.

    Look it! See what is superior to both STEP and NICE.

    Cut and paste into your browser. In just 10 minutes, this will change your mind about the pack of non-productive jokers called the SLP.







  3. Waste the people time Pierre. And the SLP followers like clowns. Doing what he says.


  4. The SLP's behaviour is sad, and somewhat disturbing in a democracy. It really is.

    It is time for the SLP to stop their childish temper tantrum, put on their grown-up pants, and act like mature adults.

    The SLP seems to want to re-write democracy where it does not suit them.

    It doesn't work like that.

    We're not a small unstable African republic, much as they might like to believe so or wish it so through stirring poisonously unproductive social unrest. Newsflash --- Our nation is a vibrant democracy.

    What part of the last five years was Pierre either blacked-out for, or was hibernating through?

    The evolution of DSH spans both governments.

    The election is over, get over it. Pierre and his loud cabal of fellow of nay-sayers need to quit being sore losers.

    Plainly stated, they are increasingly part of the problem, not part of the solution. It might seem to be that Pierre and the SLP are trying to co-opt and hijack what are simply the questions of concerned citizens simply seeking more information into, instead, a galvanized and fractious reactionary movement for their own immediate political purposes.

    Such an approach is not constructive. It is not solutions oriented.

    Rather, it is destructively polarizing, and disruptive to what could be a collaborative process in a well-functioning democracy.

    Has there been some degree of complicity by both parties when in past have been the governing party?
    Unarguably, yes. However, the time for the partisan back-biting, selfishness and in-fighting is past. The time for unity is now. This isn't for us --- it's for our children and their children, and a recognition of the stewardship, the proverbial passing of the torch, from to those past generations of St. Lucians of all stripes that have helped sacrificed both here and overseas build and evolve this nation to where it stands today on the global stage.

    One irrefutable fact seems to be conveniently and most unfortunately overlooked by this cabal of wannabe social unrest: A majority of St. Lucians recently voted, and gave the present government a firm mandate to lead our nation into the future.

    It's that simple.

    Now is not the time for division and spinning our wheels in the mud of petty, back-biting partisanship that will only perpetuate what has been, and let's just be honest, a very disappointing economic legacy.
    Now is the time for our duly elected government to undertake a bold vision of change, and that includes DSH. It was a bold vision of change, 40-ish years ago, that built Rodney Bay.

    Perhaps Pierre also believes that Rodney Bay was a giant mistake that should have been protected by a rigid moratorium on development and instead left as the mosquito-ridden, economically-barren swamp that it was.

    Stating the obvious, leadership is not a popularity contest. It involves, in part, taking decisions. It involves managed risk-taking. It involves listening and understanding each person's story.

    However, leadership also means that not all decisions will be popular. It means understanding that there are strategic, tactical and operational decisions that need to be taken with an eye on balancing jobs, education, public safety and security, and sustainability.

    Now is the time for the nation to come together and move forward.

    Instead, Pierre and his previously complacent, selfish dinosaurs seem to want to live in their complicitous past that has gotten our nation into the unfortunate economic situation that we are now in.

    Perhaps now instead is the time for them to depart and start enjoying those very, very lucrative pensions/benefit packages that they have accumulated as government over the years, courtesy of St. Lucian taxpayers.


  5. I believe that many persons are interested in the revised terms and conditions of this contract, whatever this may be....the PM should share with the general public, listen to the views of the ppl and go back to the drawing board. All of this color blindness is unnecessary...at the end of the day we as a nation should make sensible decisions. Keep the public informed and there shouldn't be a problem...it's not that complex! But when you have persons feeling like you moving like a crab, it has them suspicious, irritated and in defense mode.

    I admire the manner in which the US is always in communication with its ppl...we should take a page from their book. Obama was very good at that... we could do better with sensitive cases like those. No red.... No yellow... #justsaying


  6. Put aside political parties; how could the following be good for the people in the South?
    1) Selling / Leasing 900 acres of prime land including the public Beach for $1 an acre to a broke investor - Teo Ah Khing
    2) Destroying the Stadium , the $30 million dollar abbatoir, the Beausojou facility for the promise of a casino and a horse racing track that we are told will lose money for years . We do not need a casino in the South.
    3) A promise of jobs that the developer cannot define
    4) Are the so called supporters ready for 100,000 Chinese in the South? That will be irreversible if it ever happens. Think of the consequences, St Lucia's current population is only 178,000.
    Those of you that support this agreement need to have your head examined. Allen Chastanet do not move forward with this deal it does make sense.
    "Do not ignore the numerous warnings that you have been given.".
    Kudos to Phillip Pierre, Dr. Kenny Anthony, Dr. Hilaire,
    Alva Baptiste, Julius James and the other patriotic warriors. Thank you for your service!!


    • This incalculable false logic is what preventing you from seeing any light.

      900 acres for lease at $1.00 is WRONG.

      Stadium and Abattoir to be destroyed is WRONG.

      Teo Ah King is broke?? WRONG AGAIN. Have you seen his tax returns by the way?

      Are we importing 100,000 Chinese??? That's EXTREMELY WRONG.

      If you believe yourself then you are definitely delusional.


      • "Wam there" - funny name to begin with. Read the agreement signed by your idiotic PM; it is online. Everything I mentioned in my response above is correct. The 100K CHINESE NUMBER IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Total proposed investment divided by the reduced cost of St Lucian citizenship X 4 ( for family members). We will be minorities in our own country if idiotic Chastanet has his way. Our ancestors will turn over in their graves if they knew how dumb this man is.


  7. if slp were to be given another chance to govern this country the would by any means continue the dsh project that they all are criticizing right now.the thing is slp are just upset over the fact that they not the ones undertaking such an investment. so pay chew Phillip piere jol kwa sha


  8. The toothless pitbull Pierre. This man is just hungry to become PM. We all have admitted u all do very well in opposition so just keep backing my toothless pitbulls.


  9. Those guys are just desperate for power and they will do anything at any cost smh. None of those red bugs has st Lucia at heart if they did st Lucia would have been better .


    • Why does this bullshit look funny : you alone have 200 plus thumbs up on both post and there is post on here that have more substance than the shit you talking. Please don't fool your self.


  10. The way i see it the rich people of stlucia want to keep the status quo. They could travel to Miami and do their shopping at will. And love to enjoy they nig ma war culture at will. They don't want the country that change. That's what they call culture. How many people have gone to Resort in. st lucia and ho many have travelled overseas.

    But those that make the most noise are the ones you could afford too travel and shop overseas.


  11. === Mr. James while i agree with you, i do not agree with you calling all lucians ==SLAVES. === AND FOR YOU MR.TERRENCE JOSEPH , THIS PROJECT IF IT IS ALLOW TO CONTINUE IT WILL BE THE DOWN FALL OF ST.LUCIA BECAUSE THERE WILL BE BLOOD . And tourism will be a no no. It is time the government find common grounds to solve this issue, where every one will be happy. == CHASTANET BUBOULAYS AND WHITE FRIENDS ARE TAKING OVER.


    • What blood are you referring to. Will it the blood of the people who have been crying for work?


  12. You can demonstrate till you red. Every step forward with DSH is one step closer to SLP losing their southern stronghold already substantially weakened in the last elections.

    Who you think you fooling Pip Pierre. Your dilemma and plight has been clearly exposed. You trying to protect SLP not Vieux Fortians because if your leader (you just a front) had at least done something for Vieux Fort in his twenty years there wouldn't be much room for Chastanet to drop in.


  13. Mr. Pierre stop this thing you party are doing when king was there you all do same Allen come you all doing the same thing. You all costs of the crime in this country i believe . because of the things you all say and do. The way i see thing you. Had to get a money in that DISH deal and because you all do not win and allen it cost a trouble. And making the people of st. Lucia to come be with you all so all make big and better so we get want.? is that truth?


  14. 900 acres of land for 99yrs at a price of $1.00 per square ft. with beach front property. Dam talk about a deal of a lifetime.


      • Ill informed you SAY, OK well shed some light about what the deal really is. You just accusing people of being ill informed and you not informing them of the reality of the situation....



        • So if you don't know much about something then you will just speculate? That's what you saying? If you don't know your medical problem then you will just take anything? People always find an excuse for loose tongues and never consider stop to consider the great effect it may have.

          Hey you gave the government a mandate to represent your interest they will inform you at certain points of the deal as to what is going on, no sense pre-empting. You cannot be excessively commenting on a deal that is not finalized. The people are not the ones negotiating, its the government. They have to come at some point with the facts unless if they bury it like Kenny Anthony who put Rochamel under "Capital Works" and hid Grynberg at Earl's home.

          Your persistent abuse by one leader has made your head all screwed up. You need counselling and so do a number of these politicians who gave him a carte blanche approval of their Cabinet responsibilities. This was pure madness so you can't blame anyone else for your madness or paranoia. Please GET HELP.


  15. Politics is something else.he know he cyah do nuttn if push come to shove but he still sending his threat.is just like he sending his fishing rod in a swimming pool hoping to catch a ? fish.in the end it all comes down to chas,investor and pen and paper the same thingy kenny did during his tenure..SLP know for sure if the project take flight TOOT TOU BOOSHAY...YO PE/D.


  16. Weekly SLP statement... Nothing useful said

    Where is the talk on all the crime and violence in our streets. Where is the addressing of all the problems we as a people are facing. All you're doing is trying to stay relevant now like A dog barking in the yard. We see through you. Why not address the jufali incident. And wasn't out you who originally, as minister of tourism, sold pigeon point so that we can't even baths there anymore. Did you forget that when you were preparing your statement. If so I've reminded you. Please address our missing promises from your party member ernest when he SOLD our right to be taken seriously intentionally



    hungry and desperate that they will sell their birth right for a bowl of soup!! Wow !!

    And to the person in charge of the whole operation. Remember what happen to Louis the 16 of France and Marie Antoinette, know your history as a French citizen.

    And all you slaves that about to comment beneath me here. You already irrelevant because the only word in the dictionary that can describe you is SLAVE !!


    • Lol. The slave mentality continues, some love to be back peddling instead of learning from mistakes to form our future. We slaves ain't going forward, we get educated but not smart.


      • Yeah you right, slaves like you need to be in chains or better yet ,thrown over board in handcuffs to have a date with the fish...But we ain't pretending too be smart, we just want to clever and do what's right for our country just like RALPH GONSALVES...?


    • "Giving one man 900 acres of land for 99 years at a price of $1.00 per sq. ft. is insulting to St. Lucians." This statement is also insulting to me Mr. Opposition Leader. That's targeted disinformation and a total misrepresentation of the truth. We know that only the land for the race course will be leased by the developer. The rest will be sold by the government and not the developer. Is that how you would explain such terms of a contract to your child??


    • True words my brother. Most of the supporters of this agreement have no clue what it entails. Allen Chastanet
      does not care about Vieux Fortians. If it was possible he would sell us as slaves to Teo Ah Khing as part of the agreement. The reason he is focused on the South
      is because there is nothing else to sell in the North . Vieux Fortians need to continue mobilizing and chase Allen Chastanet out of the South. We do not need that embicil to make deals for us.


    • True words my brother. Most of the supporters of this agreement have no clue what it entails. Allen Chastanet
      does not care about Vieux Fortians. If it was possible he would sell us as slaves to Teo Ah Khing as part of the agreement. The reason he is focused on the South
      is because there is nothing else to sell in the North . Vieux Fortians need to continue mobilizing and chase Allen Chastanet out of the South. We do not need that embicil to make deals for us.


  18. Mr.Pierre, Please note that the demonstration you are calling for "Is not a form of Employment) you must let your followers understand that.


    • Politicians please tell us what is your personal contributions in the effort to eradicate unemployment. How many persons have you employed outside of Govt. OK surprised to hear you say that you want to reserve for locals when your Govt outright did not want to support local entrepreneurs because there was no dollars. BE CAREFULL THE NEST YOU PUT YOUR FOOT IN. HOPE YOU'RE READY. TALK TO YOUR PREDECESSOR..


  19. Shame on the SLP. You had the opportunity to sign the deal with the DSH project. The late Winston Trim worked his butt off to ensure that everything was done to meet the requirements.
    SLP intentionally held back on approval of the project because they didn't want to approve it then to be voted out following the elections.
    It appears that the SLP destroyers would prefer to see Saint Lucians in total poverty and begging for bread.
    Some of you tried to place Trim completely off the whole operations by going to the investor directly.
    Even the circumstances surrounding his death requires a probe. Now that Trim is gone who else will be so trusted by the investor who relied on Trim and also trusted him.
    Someone wanted Trims position. I hope you have what it takes to be Winston Trim.

    News flash! Now you all from the head of SLP Will experience 10 years of unemployment. At least Alan Chastanet understands business and knows how to capitalize on great opportunities for the interest of our country.


    • Pierre let's hear how well you speak out against the violent crime situation.
      What's happening with the Judiciary? Our law enforcement officers morals are low.
      Why don't you speak out!!
      What's​ not there for Saint Lucia to gain, save for the fact that SLP contractors and ministers won't control the distribution of the pie. "(Zot Fashee)"


  20. I want see Pierre and slp stop the project and prosperity of St Lucia. You wil see so many projects that you will have alot protest to do, you might even need bionic legs.


    • Terence Joseph, did they give you a chicken roti to write this crap? Do you understand what how important these assets are to St Lucians. Once these assets are sold/leased to the so called broke Chinese investor that's it. Do you realize how many passports have to be sold to fund this project? Take the time to read the agreement and then comment. If you care about STL read the damn agreement man!!


  21. Pierre I am so fed up with you and your men harping about 900 acres of land for 99 years, you were there for 15 years and never did anything about the land why are you concerned now. As a matter of fact today marks
    one year since elections so I hope to went to church to celebrate with the Government and stop
    the hate


    • Pierre and his team including Kenny are desperately seeking a bone. They were given the opportunity to work with the investor for the DSH project.
      The late Winston Trim worked his butt off to secure Saint Lucia as the preferred destination for such investment opportunity.
      Every form of communication dad to go through The late Winston Trim.
      Some greedy four leg monster tried to bypass Trim go directly to the investor.
      Yes Trim was too small to be the POINT MAN.
      His untimely death im sure investigation continues right? BS.
      Trim was a threat to some persons who thought that they should be the direct source.
      May you blood suckers choke on your own blood.
      Mr. Pierre Why don't you focus on the crime situation in Marchand. When was the last time you issued a statement condemning all of the shooting in your backyard.
      Oh are you benefitting from it. Yes the UWP Government looks bad!
      Hello wake up Saint Lucia looks bad stop being so desperate.
      You SLP destroyers need to fix the damages done to your own selves.


  22. The people of Laborie are already fed up with you all. they did not turn up to listen to the nonsense SLP had to talk about. They know they want jobs so instead of leaving their homes to go and listen to your lies, they did well to stay away. How many people were there? Not many. Shame on you all, give it up. We are not interested in anything you have to say


    • Well I guess Laborie people don't value their country's lands so much that they would agree to have it sold just to get a job shovelling horse sh*t! Yall eh value yallselves or the country. My goodness!


  23. Pierre stop what? Stop the development of the South? Stop jobs? SLP needs to stop with their nonsense marches and meetings


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