Woman arrested in connection with fetus at Vieux Fort dump site

Woman arrested in connection with fetus at Vieux Fort dump site

A young woman is in police custody in connection with the discovery of a male fetus at the solid waste disposal site in Vieux Fort earlier this month, according to law enforcement sources.

The suspect is from Laborie, the community where the garbage was believed to have been collected from.

According to sources, charges are likely to be laid against the suspect soon.

The fetus, estimated to be six months old and weighed about three pounds, was discovered by a sanitation worker around 8 .m. on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017.

One of the sources, who knows of the suspect, told St. Lucia News Online that it is hoped that postpartum depression won’t be used as a reason to let her off the hook.

“Postpartum depression occurs weeks after birth, not during birth. This young lady is vibrant and does not act sad or [show] any symptoms. I have seen her … and [she] appears in a good state of mind,” the source said.

“I’m sorry to say but she should be named and shamed as she took an innocent life. This is murder.”

The source fears that the incident will be swept under the rug “giving this lady the opportunity to do this vicious crime again”.

In an earlier report, Faith St. Catherine, a counsellor with the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre, cautioned the public against rushing to judgement regarding the dumping of the fetus, saying the individual responsible may be suffering from postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis.

“I wish not to ask people not to judge because we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this,” St. Catherine told DBS. “There is something called postpartum depression and … it goes further [to] postpartum psychosis. What happens is that during pregnancy hormonal changes create problems.”

According to Wikipedia, postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of mood disorder associated with childbirth, which can affect both sexes. Symptoms may include extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, crying episodes, irritability, and changes in sleeping or eating patterns.

Postpartum psychosis, a more severe form of postpartum mood disorder, occurs in about 1 to 2 per 1,000 women following childbirth. Postpartum psychosis is one of the leading causes of the murder of children less than one year of age, which occurs in about 8 per 100,000 births in the United States.

St. Catherine said the individual who dumped the fetus may not have been mentally sound.

“I would like to believe that if a person does that it’s because they are not in their right frame of mind meaning, that we don’t know the person’s circumstances. We don’t know what trauma they were suffering [from] before. We don’t know what problems they are facing. But trauma pushes people over the edge,” she said.

Female Rights Activist Catherine Sealys had also commented on the incident.

“The system has always failed young mothers. Young mothers are under a lot of pressure from economic, from mental peer pressure, from a number of situations. And we continue to wish that the social services, especially the ministry of social justice and agencies of that nature would come together and prepare policies to better support,” Sealys told DBS.


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  1. Shouldn't justice also be served 'ICE COLD' to the men who are doing everything to get women pregnant against their will and refusing to feed their children? And what about the system that is letting these men get away? I took my child's father to family court. He admitted to being the father. Said he did not need a paternity test since he could clearly see this was his child. He is now owing thousands of dollars at the family court. I signed the warrant months ago. Up to now nothing has happened. They know where he is because they got him once. The thing is he once told me he was closely related to a government minister, and I believe someone in this government is protecting him. It's really a struggle to support this chilld. If I flip and do something then they will want to jail me? Where is the fairness in that?


  2. Well i tell you when we the village fail,the children fail.This young lady i find it hard to believe that only her should take the label of a murderer because,am thinking why she felt that it was the best thing necessary to abot her fus in a garage dump.Didn't her parents know she was pregnant.Was she scared,did her parents know of her pregnancy.And who the hell impregnate her,was it someone older.Was it rape, there are questions need to be answered.And you'll said a young woman,how old is the young woman why you'll scared to say her age.


  3. The woman who they said that did that i kno her very well...and trust me she have a boy , and she had another which she gave up for adoption so i jus dont kno y she did this to the other , she is working but still lives at her mother's home u see the funny thing when ppl used to tell her she was pregnant she used to denied so maybe jus maybe she knew her plans long time smfh at this gtl


    • I know this young lady also and all what you said is absolutely true . People who don’t know this girl will come up with many excuses or assumptions on why she did what she did but people who knows her and individuals from laborie knows that this girl is not sorry for what she did . She is everywhere having fun . She gave up the second baby for adoption nd now aborted this one and dump him in the bin . She is a very promiscuous lady with a reputation of what she did but worse to the extend of killing . Please don’t feel sorry for this lady as she is not feeling sorry . Anyone from laborie will tell u so . Now wait and see how the system will sweep this under the rug nd have an excuse for her actions . U JUST WAIT !!!




  5. I need some clarification...the news article says fetus....did she give birth...please note a fetus is an unborn child


  6. I won't judge but close source u know everythin are u a doctor u would know since u have done it and never been caught u worst


  7. As a young woman i'm so disappointed of young women in this country. Why the rush for sex? Just want men to abuse your Virginia, your body. After a few months they park you on a side like an old car, you of no use to them? Why do you get involved with a married man, a man who has a family or a man who has another women? why do you break up with a man and get involved with his friend or buddy? Why should your best friend die tragically and you end up with the man she was with? Why should you have an affair with your cousin or sisters man? Your Pastor has his wife what can he do for you ?? Your Teacher don't want you why should you sit in a class with no panty with your legs open? The minister and the PS don't want you he will just screw you his wife is at home.
    I can continue with a list and you will realize some women has no pride, no self esteem, no self worth. if you don't get yourself entangle in this mess, you will have no reason to abbot a child, no reason to cry, no reason to feel hurt !!
    Young women build a relationship with Christ! Get yourselves an Education, Get a Job, enjoy your youth, when the time is right you will get the right person around you; take your time, walk with your head up high. Think with your heads. Let our God be your guide at all times. Be proud of being a WOMEN!!


    • May I recommend that you take your advice and "get an education"?

      You grammar and spelling are rather poor.


    • There are women who are in perfectly normal happy relationships who get abortions. Not saying it is right, but there are a number of reasons apart from what you have mentioned
      Do you know that some women get abortions, because of certain diseases which run in their family?
      How about a woman who was raped? Even worse by a relative.
      What about a child who was raped?
      Some do not want their careers to be affected.
      And not all women who get tangled in this mess aborts the baby.
      BTW there are plenty women, with a job, with a very high level of education, WHO HAVE CHRIST in their lives, who took their time, who are with a man who is legitimately theirs and guess what? They still get abortions.
      Women from all walks of life do it sadly, not only one type.


    • What you are saying is true but that's not the only reason people have abortions, I'm married with 3 children didn't want another I snorted at 3mths stop being so judgemental know facts. Remember when Jesus said he without sin cast the first stone


  8. Ye without sin cast the first stone. Those who commit abortion up to 12 weeks it is the same Cetus as 6 months just a bit bigger. She may not have killed could have been a miscarriage, just scared of what to do. Do not be so quick to judge. Don’t be so judgmental those asking to crucify I hope you have never had abortions before or supported them. Smh


  9. Well boy they are some heartless people in here.

    Not at all trying to justify the young womans' actions however I personally believe this woman needs counselling and not NECESSARILY incarceration.

    I say this without knowing the full details or reasons behind why she did what she did and am pretty sure none of you in here know all the details behind it either.

    God is Love


  10. All i wanna do is slap this St. catherine lady with her bullshit. STFU with ur nonsense. This is murder. Urll never question her, first of all she was not even identified yet and you already made an excuse for her. Shame on that catherine bitch. Disgrace to women race is what you are. A perfectly sane individual killed a 6 mth old unborn baby because she didnt want it probably because she dont know who the daddy is or maybe the daddy is in another relationship and want nothing to do with it or it can just be she dont want it . How can u make an excuse like that for a sane person. U stupid bitch


    • Wow...what anger. Please control yourself. Are you a woman referring to another woman that way? So sorry for you.


      • Agreed. Just because she/he didn't agree with the woman's point of view. The counter argument would have sounded a lot more positive without the name calling. People let's argue intelligently. It's ok to disagree. No need for the verbal abuse.


  11. salbet i knew they would have gotten her and am glad they did. mama varche you thought you could have escaped. also you miss Faith St. Catherine coming with your Postpartum psychosis to hid her dirty act. i not saying that people dont have the disorder some times but dont try to use it to justify her actions, most of these young girls wicked and dont deserve to be mothers and live life recklessly


  12. Boy if a man had killed his newborn there is no way that there would be any talk of PPD. This is why I have problems with the judiciary. Notwithstanding that every case is based on its merits and evidence, even handed justice is a fundamental ideal. A justice system must be primarily concerned with how ordinary people view it as a system rather than its ability to show empathy for certain situations or persons.


  13. Postpartum depression? This girl shouldn't be let off the hook so easily. She should be jailed for taking an innocent life... Smh! People are getting off to easily in this country for their own selfishness.. This is a selfish woman who wasn't ready for responsibility so she took the easy way out! COWARD!!!!!


  14. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    "Don't be afraid, my people. Be glad now and rejoice, for the LORD has done great things."
    – Joel 2: 21


  15. Well we know now for sure that these so called prominent citizens and leaders in society, don't know jack. Post is obviously after to publicly state otherwise bs, they should hide their heads in shame and never make another public pronouncement .


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